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Workshops, seminars, retreats … all of these offer a structured method to focus on connection, to identify new opportunities for growth, and to practice professional and personal honesty. 


Any of the following workshops can be scheduled for sequential sessions; productivity is maximized with a small group:



Take the connection challenge

Do you want a higher Return on Connection (ROC) with yourself, your business, and those you serve?

We are all wired for Connection. So why does it seem harder, in this age of Distraction, to stay focused on what matters most? We are challenged to manage stress, keep calm, stay curious and live in the present. This six hour course, normally offered online in one hour modules several times a year, can be customized for your group to take in a conference setting. Topics include:

  • The value of understanding your connection energy and the neuroscience of connection
  • What kills connection and how to restore it
  • How to be more present in all of your relationships
  • How to be more authentic and trustworthy – two important pillars of connected relationship
  • How to minimize digital and human distractions
  • Putting it all together

Who is this program for? Groups, company divisions, and teams wanting to go to the next level connecting with themselves and others, and to what matters most in their lives.


the Seven Levels of connection energy

Would you like to learn which are the seven levels and how to manage them? Especially, how to manage them as a group?

Having an understanding of the type of energy you’re bringing into a connection, is how you begin to build the best connection. Physics tell us that everything is an energetic wave pattern, oscillating at different frequencies. Our thoughts relate to the energy we bring to every situation–positive or negative, connection "killers" or connection "thrillers." There are seven level of connection energy. And we all experience all of these different levels at different times:

  • The Victim
  • The Fighter
  • The Rationalizer
  • The Giver
  • The Igniter
  • The Intuiter
  • The Creator

Who is this program for? Those individuals wanting to learn how to identify connection disruption and how to manage it for yourself and in a group. This workshop can be customized for your group or company

Connecting in a Disconnected World - Box.png

Connecting in a disconnected world

Do you feel like you're constantly being pulled in too many directions at once?

We are Linked-in and checked out. We are Facebook fed and soulfully underfed. We are well-tweeted, but sadly neglected.

Undeniably, we are losing touch with ourselves and each other, in a completely networked world — while desperately trying to re-establish our true sense of connection. Our virtual lives give us the appearance of human connection, but what’s missing from our digital interactions is the healing power of human touch and the wonderful nuances of of conversation and shared storytelling.

In this highly integrated and connected workshop, we will explore what connects and nourishes us as humans, and what gets in the way of the connection we really need.

Through a series of exercises, discussions, role play and simulations, we will identify the source of our own connectivity, how to better connect with others, and what we can do to create connection when we need it.

Who is this program for? Individuals or teams looking to deepen and add more meaning to the relationships in their lives, both at work and in their personal lives. 

Connection Killer Box


Would you like to learn about Connection Killers and be able to recognize the damage they bring to the connections you’re trying to establish and deepen?

Alan Cohen has spent a considerable amount of time examining the relationship between Connection and Distraction. Along the way, he’s taken the time to observe as many as 200 frequently occurring “killers” …emotions that he characterizes as innate obstacles to connections. In this workshop, Alan concentrates on the top three most pervasive to forming connections:

  • NEGATIVITY: we can say we’re determined to be positive but Negativity rules the day. It’s why our eyes are riveted to negative news on TV.
  • JUDGEMENT: A surefire way to kill Connection is to allow your judgement of how another person is living their lives, what they’re saying or doing.
  • SELF-CENTEREDNESS: Shows up in many ways: talking too much about one’s self; a lack of curiosity about others; constantly bringing the topic back to self and one’s one experience.

Who Is This Program For? Those wanting to learn how to identify Connection Killers and how to manage them for yourself and in a group.


Interested in customizing A workshop for your organization?