Executive Coaching

The challenges for already successful executives keep evolving. No longer is it just enough to keep an eye on the bottom line and provide employees with benefits. The C-Suite today spends increasing amounts of time setting employee goals and working to inspire performance that will create rising stars. Alan Samuel Cohen Executive Coaching provides platforms designed for leadership generation at every level and productivity management with measurable results.



The essence of the coaching process is connecting with the client. Empowering leaders to produce positive change and get the desired results needed for company growth and top financial performance.



With already successful executives, it’s accepted that the client is the expert and answers lie within. The coach’s role is to provide pathways to arrive at the goal being sought.



Once strategies are set, the coach partners with the client to aid in implementing plans for the organization; encouraging the executive to lead and embrace new opportunities.


To discuss working together, please contact Alan to set up a complimentary connection call.

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Personal Coaching

Honesty is the watchword most often used to describe the condition between personal coach and the individual. Often, the starting point is a desire to move out of being “stuck” and get to a personal goal, solve a problem, help with a relationship. With personal coaching, there is adherence to principles from organizational development, sports, and business, spiritual, psychological practices.


dream freely

The past is the past. A coach will encourage you to look ahead in the distance for what you want to achieve, to improve, to become. Often, trained facilitation is used to raise consciousness of what’s possible for your life and for your career.


Look Within

This journey involves examination of what’s not working too. Are you willing to grow? The coach will help identify the space in between where you are now and where you want to go. Explore distractions and obstacles on the way to getting there. 



Share your breakthrough with others. Use your coach to look for guideposts on maintaining success of your achievement. The ongoing dialogue will fortify against sliding back into old habits as you work to move forward.


To discuss working together, please contact Alan to set up a complimentary connection call.

He will respond to your request as soon as possible.

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TEAM Coaching

Team coaching allows small individual teams and larger groups to connect and explore ways in which working together can be optimized. Coach’s role is to help set common goals and themes as well as offering monitoring tools to keep participants focused on the task at hand. As often as these vehicles are used for goal setting, they can also be used for problem resolution within companies or relationships.



Regular meetings take place and the coach acknowledges the group’s dynamics. Participants connect on a deeper level and feel comfortable enough to challenge each other to create new opportunities.



Often, a group can come up with too many ideas or too many ways in which to reach a goal. Especially if the coach has employed the brainstorming technique. Time for the coach to ask for group priorities.



Create a mission as a team vs. individual goals; see whether the two sync or are in conflict. Continue to use energy of the group to open creative channels and and create new paths to team success.



For a team coaching session, please contact Alan to set up a complimentary connection call.

He will respond to your request as soon as possible.




As an alternative to team coaching, Alan is also available to lead workshops for teams. All presentations can be customized for your executive needs.



Alan is also available for conferences and sales meetings as a guest or keynote speaker. He can speak on a variety of topics related to connection and team-building.

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Alan Cohen helps consultants improve their coaching skills. Professionals can be great at what they know, but they still have to connect with their clients to earn the right to influence and effect change. That is Alan’s sweet spot.
He practices what he preaches in a warm, comfortable way.

Mike Wittenstein • Managing Partner, StoryMiners®

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