How will coaching work for me?


Coaching helps you to connect to yourself and others, to challenge your perceptions and actions, and to create a positive and goal-oriented path forward.

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Coaching provides a moment to think freely about where you are now and where you really want to be. An experienced coach will help you develop a strategy for getting there and provide tactics as well as support throughout the process. In business, coaching involves honest appraisals of the client’s needs; the process helps executives and employees engage and challenge each other in new and productive ways.






Synergy is created at the outset between client and coach by working together to identify desired objectives and needs; creating more powerful outcomes than the client would alone.



A coach provides the structure in which planned actions take place, responsibilities are lived up to and strategic assignments completed; a more powerful outcome than going it alone.


The right stuff

A seasoned coach draws on expertise to help busy executives develop new skills for communicating and connecting, making optimal decisions, and reordering their lives for maximum productivity – both in life and at work.


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alan's coaching philosophy


Return On Connection

My years in the Communications, HR and Coaching industries have given me access to so many different types of people and professional points-of-view. As an Executive Coach, I’m guided by the observation that there is an undeniable need to understand the connection between communications and personal development. The core of my practice is driven by ways to yield a higher Return on Connection (ROC):

• To the Individual or the Entrepreneur
• To the Business or the Team
• To Those You Serve

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Connection is a shared heartbeat when you feel acknowledged in an interaction.


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Although coaching is NOT psychotherapy, consulting, mentoring, or advising, it is a unique and powerful tool to create new opportunities.


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