Speak Up!

Finding the appropriate level of assertiveness is a bit of a Goldilocks predicament: How much is too little? How much is too much? And where is the “just right” sweet spot of asserting yourself, in business and in your personal life?

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Alan CohenComment
Why Empathy Makes Good Business Sense

Mark, a former client of mine, was a 35-year-old marketing director on the fast track. Being type-A personality, he was driven for success. But Mark was not winning much favor from his employees — they found that his feedback was often given in a drive-by, “hit-and-run” manner and left them feeling like roadkill.

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Matthew CallahanComment
The Key to Managing Stress: A Grounding In Emotional Intelligence

I’m curious how all of us can stay connected to our own Emotional Intelligence while our political leaders seem to be lacking it. With many politicians showing extremely low empathy, too much self-regard, lack of impulse control or sense of social responsibility, who out there in society is modeling for us high levels of emotional intelligence and achieving greater levels of success and happiness?

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