Are You Hungry? Creating a Menu for Leadership Success

Starved for attention. Hungry for change. Thirsty for knowledge. We often speak about desire as we talk about dinner. We want something delicious. We want to be fed. And we definitely want second-helpings of all the good stuff. To be successful in leadership, you have to recognize and feed your hunger. A powerful leader is driven to fulfill […]

Connecting to Your Creative Genius

Creativity: it’s something we’d all love to be able to tap into whenever we desire, right? The ability to connect with our creative power, then express that fully into the world, is the dream of most writers, entrepreneurs, and artists. And by no means is this limited to artists in the traditional sense; we are all creators of […]

Healthy vs. Toxic Relationships

I always get extra reflective in the month of July – it’s a big month for me, of birthdays and anniversaries.  As I close in on age 55 this month, I am taking particular stock in my relationships, and how blessed I am feeling these days with the quality of the people with whom I […]

The Power of Listening to Connect

4 Ways To Become a Better Listener

Connection: we know it’s a two-way street. It takes intentional sharing AND listening to create a meaningful and lasting connection with another person. But are we truly fully conscious for both parts of the connection highway? We know that connection is vital for improving our lives, relationships, careers and health. Connection is the key element […]

Beating the The Networking Disconnect

You know that feeling when you walk into a networking event, dressed to impress, with your elevator pitch down pat… but suddenly, your stomach tightens up and you’d rather be anywhere else in the world than trying to impress a bunch of people you don’t even know? This may be one notion of networking – […]

Connecting During Times of Tragedy

In the early hours of Sunday morning on June 12, just a week ago, tragedy struck a gay nightclub in Orlando. Forty-nine innocent lives lost, and countless others deeply affected by a senseless act of hate and terror. In our world today, we know tragedy all too well. And it’s times like these that it’s […]