Are You Hungry? Creating a Menu for Leadership Success

Starved for attention. Hungry for change. Thirsty for knowledge. We often speak about desire as we talk about dinner. We want something delicious. We want to be fed. And we definitely want second-helpings of all the good stuff. To be successful in leadership, you have to recognize and feed your hunger. A powerful leader is driven to fulfill […]

Alternate Facts? Lies? Truth-Bending? How Can Connection Survive?

George Washington said, “I cannot tell a lie.” A popular nursery rhyme said that you can identify a liar by their pants on fire. And of course, who doesn’t remember the earworm from the 1980s,Lies, Lies, Lies by the Thompson Twins? No matter what the time or place, it seems that there is always some kind […]

How to Truly Connect With Millennials, and What It Will Do For Your Business

The term “Millennial” is being brandished about these days like a bit of juicy gossip at a high society luncheon. If any one group has gotten this generation so utterly wrong, it is the mainstream media. Stories seem to vacillate from coddled crybabies who need a safe space to toddler CEOs seeking billion-dollar unicorn status. […]

How Connecting to Play Will Help You Thrive

Do you remember the days of Barbie dolls, Slinkies, running with our pets, puppet shoes, finger painting, drawing, singing, tossing a ball, silly putty, daydreaming, telling stories, hopscotch… those long days of running around outside, exploring, and following where your heart and intuition led? As children, we spend countless hours immersed in the joy of […]

Ambition Addiction: Retraining Our Brains to Discover Joy Within

Guest Post by Benjamin Shalva

I am an ambition addict. For ambition addicts like myself, growth is not enough. Accomplishment will not suffice. We need to distinguish ourselves from the herd. We desire domination. We ache for adoration. We want to win. We ambition addicts will move mountains to make our dreams come true. And within a society dogmatically devoted […]

How to Heal Your Connection With Money and Create an Abundance Mindset

Money: it’s a concept that brings up an emotional response for most people, even if they aren’t fully aware of it. You’re probably consciously aware of the money you have in your bank account at a numerical level, but have you ever thought about the relationship you have with money? Because more than anything – more […]

How to Bridge Extreme Divides to Create Connection

No matter which side you’ve stood on during this election season, it’s been a rough week for America. Not necessarily because of the specific political positions, policies, and personalities (which are troubling enough…) But because of the stark division that is ripping our country apart at the seams. Through the tumultuous waters of this election […]

How Judgment Keeps Us in a Low Consciousness

Here’s something you may not know: we’re all judgmental. Before that makes you feel weird, stop and think about it: judgments can and do serve us in navigating a world where we’re constantly faced with decisions about things at every moment. We use our past experiences to make assumptions or predictions about our present circumstances, […]

“I ‘VANT’ TO BE ALONE!” The Importance of Solitude For True Connection

Some of you may be familiar with the legendary international Swedish film star and icon Greta Garbo, who maintained an elusive and isolated life off camera. “I vant to be alone,”said her character in “Grand Hotel” – which was true for the actress in real life, as well. Maybe we all need to take a […]

How to Use Humor to Manage Conflicts

Have you ever noticed how incredibly contagious laughter is? As humans, we’re hard wired to connect with others through the means of smiling and laughing. Just take a look at this video and you’ll have to agree: Laughing On a Train Laughter and humor bring people together, break tension and awkwardness, lower stress levels, and […]

The Power of Michelle Obama and Mobilizing Figures

“I can’t believe I’m saying that a candidate for president of the United States has bragged about sexually assaulting women.” These were the words spoken by Michelle Obama in her speech on October 13, in reference to recordings released of presidential candidate Donald Trump engaging in lewd conversation about the degrading ways he treats women. […]