Are You Hungry? Creating a Menu for Leadership Success

Starved for attention. Hungry for change. Thirsty for knowledge. We often speak about desire as we talk about dinner. We want something delicious. We want to be fed. And we definitely want second-helpings of all the good stuff. To be successful in leadership, you have to recognize and feed your hunger. A powerful leader is driven to fulfill […]

How Shame Keeps Us Disconnected – and How to Overcome It

Do you ever find yourself hiding your insecurities or feelings of failure, so you’ll look good to others? Do you ever feel like you work so hard to keep it “all together” and present a successful image to the world – when in reality,  you sometimes feel plagued with self-doubt and uncertainty? I know I do. We […]

Cliques and Connection: A Back to School Memory

As a teenager, back in 1979, I attended a large, prison-looking public high school on Staten Island, Susan Wagner High School (named. for some reason,  after the wife of Robert Wagner, a former Mayor of New York). Cliques were pervasive – and connection amongst different groups wasn’t exactly the priority. I belonged to two cliques […]

The Connection Killers (And What to Do About Them)

We’ve talked about how connection is vital to healthy relationships with others and with ourselves. How it is the lifeblood that keeps us growing, fulfilled, and part of something greater than just us in the world. And we’ve looked at some of the amazing ways that you can build connection in your life, adding to […]

How Social Connection Benefits Your Brain

We all know that “feel-good” vibe that comes over us after we’ve spent a great evening catching up and laughing with friends, or spending quality time with our family. But did you know that we are actually wired to engage in social connections, and that they actually help to benefit our brain and ultimate potential? Strong […]

Connecting to Your Creative Genius

Creativity: it’s something we’d all love to be able to tap into whenever we desire, right? The ability to connect with our creative power, then express that fully into the world, is the dream of most writers, entrepreneurs, and artists. And by no means is this limited to artists in the traditional sense; we are all creators of […]