Are you game?


In our careers, we plan and push, but forget to play. When did exploration, excursion and humor get such a bad rap?

Upleveling is a mindgame

Following 20 years embedded in the Public Relations and Human Resources fields, the drive for heightened connectivity took hold. I packed my skill set and brought it to executive and business coaching, training, speaking and book writing.

My business mojo spurs career growth and transition, navigates fluidity and empathy interdepartmentally, and provides entrepreneurial coaching. In corporate settings this translates to keynote speaking, team-building, seminars and coaching for executives on the growth track or in transition. In the small business environment, it’s just you and me, fortifying growth.

The gameboard

  • Targeted exercises align departmental teams
  • Mind-mapping tools gain clarity around what comes next
  • Guided visualization creates space for transformation
  • Mindfulness techniques pulse on positive thought patterning
  • Clearly articulated goals target effective actions

Adding plain horse sense opens the field, guideposts and all.

How the pieces move

Connection to stakeholders, yourself and the universe will be cultivated. Expect to be challenged and gratified.

Are you a player?

Are you ready for no-holds barred guidance?
Do you value the process that urges progress?
Are you willing to go “there”?

What you get for playing

All of me. Heart and soul and reams of flow.

Clients will tell you that I’m a master connector and conduit, a maverick business amplifier and needle mover.

From a personal standpoint, I’ve flubbed up plenty and am all the richer for it. Ask me to share.

Get Serious About Play

It’s about wooing best practices. Give a head-bobble to the great adventure of doing business.


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