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bermuda leaningAfter nearly three decades in public relations and executive coaching, the things that matter most to me are story and connection. Our world is created by the stories we tell. Sometimes when we tell our stories, we risk discomfort for the sake of discovery; but it is our stories, and sometimes, difficult conversations, that create true connection. What is your story? How can you make it more empowering? What connections will you create with it?

Find Your Authentic Self.

I believe in the expansive and creative miracle of human connection. Esteemed author and researcher Brené Brown says “connection is the energy that exists between people when they feel seen, heard, valued.” As a trained leadership,  connection, and communication coach, I am uniquely qualified to help open positive lines of communication, help you examine connections in the world at large, and explore all the ways in which we add meaning to our stories. With my guidance, individuals and companies can recover inner strength, find their authentic voice, create goals for the future, and lead more powerfully. My goal  is to help you see how everything is connected: family, friends, business, money, and success.

Connect, challenge, and create.

I am available for private coaching, executive and team coaching, meeting facilitation, workshops,  speaking engagements, workshops/seminars, and retreats. Any of my programs can be customized with care. Please take the time to explore my website and find the right path for you.

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