Workshops & Seminars

A seminar or workshop setting is an ideal place to connect on a deeper level, to challenge each other to things that are often uncomfortable or confusing, and to create new possibilities and new paths to success. Any of these workshops can be scheduled for multiple, productive sessions with a small group.

Lead with Energy, Lead for Life

Are you leading life with powerful, intentional action? Or do you find yourself stuck in “default” mode, reacting to whatever life throws your way?

Energy Leadership™ is a unique form of self-leadership that gives you the skills to understand your own energy—and make your innate power work for you rather than against you. By learning to channel and master your own, unique energy, you will experience a heightened consciousness and be able to:

  • Inspire and motivate others
  • Feel a greater sense of purpose
  • Get more done in less time
  • Attract success
  • Make quick and accurate decisions
  • Reduce stress
  • Increase your engagement on the job
  • Access your personal genius
  • Improve all aspects of your life

Reclaim your own energy and create unprecedented results in business and in your personal life. In a workshop setting, I will give you the tools to shift your energy to work for you rather than against you, thus creating possibilities that you never imagined.

Having The Difficult Conversation

It’s possible there are some who take delight in confrontation, but the fact is that most of us rank Unpleasant Workplace Discussion a few rungs below Shark Attack on the universal ladder of enjoyment. Unfortunately, tough talks are a fact of business life. And here’s another fact: they don’t always go smoothly or as planned.

People are emotional beings and sometimes they just don’t want to “hear it.” Being able to deal with difficult situations is crucial to navigating a professional atmosphere with ease and success. The good news is that there are basic strategies that can help make confrontations, verbal skirmishes, and angry exchanges far more manageable.

Those Difficult Talks will help take the angst and anxiety out of office confrontations, and help you to keep your sanity in the process. This workshop will show you and your team how to recognize other people’s emotions and vulnerabilities, and to use this to make a bumpy road smoother. And here’s a news flash: other people’s uncomfortable reactions aren’t necessarily about you! You can recognize when a conversational counterpart isn’t responding to you, personally, but to other factors in their life.

You will discover the art of confronting difficulty head-on, thoughtfully and sympathetically, but without ego or emotional attachment. Your handling of a difficult situation will earn you the respect and admiration not only of the other person in the room, but of everyone else in the office.

Those Difficult Talks addresses a topic that many would rather avoid. We can get you to not only handle it, but to benefit and grow from it as well

Conflict resolution workshops can be customized for any industry or need.

Connecting in a Disconnected World


 We are Linked-in and checked out. We are Facebook fed and soulfully underfed. We are well-tweeted, but sadly neglected.

Undeniably. we are losing touch with ourselves and each other, in a completely networked world — while desperately trying to re-establish our true sense of connection. Our virtual lives give us the appearance of human connection, but what’s missing from our digital interactions is the healing power of human touch and the wonderful nuances of of conversation and shared storytelling.

In this highly integrated and connected workshop, we will explore what connects and nourishes us as humans, and what gets in the way of the connection we really need.

Through a series of exercises, discussions, role play and simulations, we will identify the source of our own connectivity, how to better connect with others, and what we can do to create connection when we need it.


Please contact Alan to customize any of these workshops for your organization.