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“As Michelin guides us through travel and food excellence, so does the great author and coach Alan Cohen guide public relations executives through the daily challenge of being our best. Those Difficult Talks for PR Pros (TM) is a life preserver, not only for communications executives, but also for helping all of us to live a better life.”

Keith Sherman
Keith Sherman & Associates Public Relations

“’I’m not very good at confrontation.’ If that’s your attitude, then the PR game isn’t for you. In Those Difficult Talks for PR Pros (TM), Alan Cohen shows you why if managed correctly, confrontation can be your best friend. More importantly, he shows you why 90% of the time, the tough talks you so dread don’t have to happen in the first place.”

Peter Shankman
Founder – Help A Reporter Out (HARO)

“Not since Fierce Conversations has a book been so helpful in having those really difficult and conflict-ridden conversations. But this book is written specifically for PR professionals. Those of us who know how to communicate, but have difficulty doing so when it comes to our own teams. Alan Cohen gives you the tools you need to never procrastinate the conversation you need to have today.”

Gini Dietrich
CEO, Arment Dietrich

Tough feedback is a gift if prepared properly. Alan Cohen helps you with tips and examples to make challenging conversations productive and capable of invoking change.”

Barri Rafferty
Senior Partner, Ketchum

“Alan Cohen’s Those Difficult Talks for PR Pros (TM) is a compelling work that should resonate at many levels with every public relations practitioner. Cohen adeptly leads us toward a practical resolution of a dilemma we constantly face, both in our professional and personal lives. It would not be a stretch to imagine this book’s title as Tough Love on Those Difficult Talks for PR Pros (TM).”

Johna Burke
Senior Vice President, BurrellesLuce

“No matter the management style, everyone can learn something from Those Difficult Talks for PR Pros (TM). From the misbehaving client to the out of line employee, Alan offers concrete steps that take the fear out of having the conversation and ultimately lead to a better result. I have seen his strategies completely change the tone of a conversation and lead people directly to the desired conclusion, on their own.”

Jacqueline Kolek
Partner & Senior Director, Peppercom Strategic Communications

“In a fraction of the time it takes to worry about how you are going to handle that conversation you have been dreading, you can read this smart and straightforward book and learn how to do it well. Alan Cohen provides a radical new way of approaching a challenge that comes up all too often in the public relations business. If you can’t always have Alan at your side to coach you through high stakes conversations with clients, colleagues or friends, make sure this book is always within easy reach.”

Merrill Rose
Principal, Option A Advisors, LLC

Those Difficult Talks for PR Pros (TM) is the quintessential resource for any public relations professional. Cohen masterfully explores the reasons why we shy away from engaging in tough talks with clients, employees and colleagues and provides the resources and tools for creating win-win situations through these conversations. The book is a must-have resource to be included on any industry leader’s bookshelf.”

Johanna Mouton
Executive Director, Pinnacle Worldwide, consortium of indepently owned public relations firms

“Alan Cohen’s experience as a former PR executive affords him a keen ability to understand the unique communications challenges that PR professionals face and provide them with pointed coaching. Alan taught junior staff at my agency how to actively listen and provide conversation points to clients and supervisors that yield positive results. He is the ideal choice for PR agencies who want to provide staff with effective communications training that they can immediately be put into action.”

Aziza Johnson
Vice President, Kaplow Communications

“Having tough talks is something most people would rather avoid at all costs. But being an effective leader means being courageous in both words and actions, especially when it involves others. Alan’s approach gives PR leaders the strategy and the tools to engage those around us in intentional conversations with powerful results.”

Elise S. Mitchell
President and CEO, Mitchell Communications Group, Inc.