“I first met Alan a number of years ago when I heard him speak at an industry conference. I came away impressed with his insights, style and approach – so much so that when my senior leadership was facing some significant issues several years later, I brought Alan in to work with our team.

Through pre-meeting interviews and assessments, Alan was quickly able to discern the key issues and underlying factors.

In a subsequent two-day workshop, Alan used sensitivity, focus and well-honed facilitation skills to help our team successfully address the most pressing issues. The key outcome was an excellent path forward that carries through to this day and has made us a much stronger firm as a result.

I would enthusiastically recommend Alan to any organization that is looking for a highly-skilled and effective executive coach and facilitator.”

Nick Kalm
President and Founder
Reputation Partners, LLC
Chicago, Illinois

“Over the past two years, Alan has been an incredible asset to my business. He has helped me with so many aspects of day to day operations, such as, effective communication with my staff & clients, organizing my teams, the hiring process, new business pitching and implementing new systems and processes that have helped me more effectively run my business. I couldn’t be happier and will continue to work with him indefinitely.”

Rebecca Brooks
Brooks PR, Manhattan

“As keynote for our recent annual seminar, Alan was an entertaining and enlightening speaker. Entwining the magic of Harry Potter with lessons on leadership was a great twist. Hearing war stories from the real world is always a great way to learn, and the “fun client” makes everyone want to listen.”

Eva R. Hornak, 2012 President, North Carolina Chapter, Public Relations Society of America

“Shortly after inviting Alan to speak at our national PR network meeting I knew I had made the right call. Alan works hard to make sure you get what you want and what you need. He is incredibly detail oriented and follows up promptly on all requests. In short, he is a delight to work with and on top of that our group found his presentation extremely valuable and gave it high marks in our post-conference evaluation.”

Indra Gardiner, Pinnacle Worldwise, Chief Operating Officer, BG Creative

“Through his coaching and training, Alan Cohen has a unique ability to improve an individual’s weakness in such a way that it strengthens the entire organization. He has introduced Peppercom’s management team to energy leadership and will be a key part of our ongoing management training program for senior and mid-level managers.”

Sarah Whitman, Senior Director, Peppercomm Communications

“It’s rare to find an executive coach, speaker and trainer that has all of the attributes someone like Alan Cohen has. I’m amazed at his ability to engage and connect instantly with an audience on an intimate level and make it seem effortless. More importantly, Alan truly cares about creating and getting results for his clients. He has a deep understanding and knowledge of how to coach someone from where they are, to where they want to be. If you are looking for an executive coach that is sincere, highly intelligent, has real-world experience and is one-hundred percent immersed and focused on you and your success … call Alan.”

Eric Taylor, President & Chief Collaboration Officer, Empowerment Group International

“Alan Cohen recently presented at the 2010 PRSA’s Counselors Academy Spring Conference and did a wonderful job of engaging and motivating our membership of senior-level agency managers. We’re not an easy group to impress, but Alan managed to get us thinking in a whole new way, and we continue to talk about what we learned. I highly recommend him.”

Anne Subervi, Spring Conference Chair, PRSA Counselors Academy President, Utopia Public Relations

“Alan Cohen has helped our staff understand how to refine and focus on their individual strengths and become more approachable, positive leaders. Thanks to Alan’s guidance, employees now are celebrating their moments of success and have become confident in offering recommendations and voicing their opinions. Alan’s counseling has enabled us to further our corporate value of accountability, with staff members holding themselves and others accountable for results.”

Janet Tyler, Former President, Airfoil Public Relations

“In Clairemont’s first year in business, Alan Cohen served as my trusted on-call business partner, consultant and coach. As I launched a business and began hiring team members, Alan worked side-by-side with me to ensure that we put processes in place that I’m certain will serve my agency for years to come.”

Dana Hughens, President, Clairemont Communications

“Alan’s PR experience combines with his business acumen to supply his clients with valuable tools to find balance in their business on many levels. Alan helped me identify and address triggers that were blocking my ability to effectively lead my agency team. He’s coached me on why balance matters and how to use my core strengths to achieve it.”

Kris Schindler, Managing Partner, Start-Thinking Public Relations

“Alan is full of great information and delivers it in a way that is both professional and relatable particularly because he is able to address specific issues and pressures in the PR industry. Even when there was information presented that we already knew being reminded is a great tool as well because it helps build a stronger team. I also found some of the tools effective in my personal life as well and highly recommend his workshop.”

Principal, Public Relations Agency

“Alan has helped me to focus not only on finding a job but also on what is important in my life and what type of position will allow me to use my experience and skills and give me the most satisfaction both personally and professionally. He has helped me to organize my time, and my life, so that I can more effectively search for a new position while also allowing myself time for other things that are important to me. Alan has helped me market myself more effectively and to calm the anxiety I felt at losing my job. I would highly recommend Alan as a job coach.”

PR Executive

“Alan is a warm and genuine coach who also possesses keen intelligence and palpable enthusiasm… He’s like a great friend in your corner, who you just love to hang out with and talk to…but who also has the insight and the tools to help you get where you want to go in life. My friends are all a little jealous when I tell them about Alan…I mean, who WOULDN’T want someone smart, fun, cool, savvy and caring in their corner to help them cut through all the most frustrating bullshit in their life?”

“Working with Alan is fun, but it’s also thought-provoking and sometimes really challenging. It’s great to be asked the questions he asks, though…because they really cut to the chase about what I want in my life, why I want it, and what’s stopping me from getting it.”

Private Coaching Client and Workshop Attendee, Author/Editor

“In a very brief amount of time, Alan Cohen encouraged me to look within to identify the solutions I was searching for. With patience, guidance and support, he helped me to access the various resources, tools, and confidence building techniques I needed for continued personal growth and professional achievement. Most importantly, he reminded me of the power of positive thinking. He entered my life at just the right moment and I consider myself very fortunate to have met him.”

NY Theater Producer, coaching client

“I attended one of Alan’s workshops (PR for Coaches) and learned a ton of information! He knows the industry well! Alan is a natural leader and coach. He is a great human being who enjoys helping others. I look forward to attending another one of his workshops!”

Professional Coach

“I am so glad to have been introduced to Alan’s Career and Leadership Coaching!  It has been a tremendous opportunity to learn so much about myself, the skills I have, and how to channel them into being the best leader I can be. Alan provides a very inviting space to work in, he is a great listener and has a great intuition for when to be supportive or when to question thoughts or assumptions. Thanks to Alan, I am filled with a new-found sense of joy from discovering all the opportunities that truly are out there!”

Broadway Theatre Owner

“While it’s only been a few months that I’ve been working with Alan, trying to make some changes in my career path and in my life in general, I’ve already gained some big insights–those “aha!” moments–and am starting to feel some of the blocks begin to unblock, and some of the murky areas (what DO I want in my life, anyway?) become clearer. Alan is a positive force–warm, funny, down-to-earth, insightful, creative, open, and encouraging– and I believe that he has the skills and tools to help his clients attain more fulfilling, fruitful, and satisfying lives. I look forward to more positive changes to come!”

Book Editor

“Alan has the ability to help you tap into the best part of yourself. His inviting personality puts even the most trepidatious at ease. Alan’s coaching style lets you break down those roadblocks that you have put in the way of your own success. He is trust-worthy, honest and caring. I highly recommend Alan to anyone who is looking to become the person they want to be.”

Workshop Attendee

“I can say that within three months of working with Alan as my coach, my small business has increased at least 300% from before my coaching. This was extremely important to me, as Alan helped assist me in building my team and growing my business all while bringing balance to my personal life. With Alan, I was able to implement strategies and tactics on a weekly basis to reach my goals!”

Shawn Cronrath, Click Sticky

“I highly recommend Alan Cohen as a coach. He is not only smart and insightful but also has a delightful way of giving feedback that is honest and constructive and valuable. His experience and expertise allows him to analyze a situation from all the angles and then offer multiple solutions and strategies.”

Stephanie Grayson, Social Media Consulting

“Alan Cohen is truly a class act and an excellent coach! In just a few short months, Alan helped me to see challenges and ‘problems’ from an entirely different point of view, and in turn, confront them positively and productively. At a time in my career when I was experiencing anxiety and some professional growing pains, I came to look forward to my weekly sessions with Alan. Ultimately, I am a stronger, more confident person thanks to Alan’s coaching. I highly recommend him!”

Daniel Griffin, Public Relations Executive

“Alan is a highly insightful and motivating Leadership Coach who has brought great value to our organization and has helped us strengthen our agency culture, mentoring of staff and executive collaboration to propel success.”

Judy Lewis, Co-Founder & Executive Vice President at Strategic Objectives

“We are so pleased to have Alan on our Center for Professional Studies team. The program he designed for us “Harness Your Dreams and Beat Today’s Career Challenges” really resonates with practical yet up lifting advise for professionals who have hit today’s economy challenged career wall and need a new game plan for finding satisfying work. Alan is an upbeat consummate professional.”

Joan Volpe, Managing Coordinator, FIT Center for Professional Studies