Team Coaching

Team coaching offers a multi-layered focus on both the individuals and the larger group. Its primary goal is to help groups of people connect and find ways to work together more effectively. This can be useful for companies or all groups seeking a common goal. Teams of two or more are matched up to ensure that goals are in alignment and that communication is clear. Alan Samuel Cohen offers teams an opportunity to:

CONNECT at regular meetings with trained facilitator/coach to take note of group dynamics and create a bond of trust among the members of the group.

CHALLENGE members of a team to develop mutually exclusive goals and get the job done together with improved clarity, timeliness, and cohesion.

CREATE a mission and a purpose as a team vs. individual goals and desires–or see how the two can work in synch. Engaging bigger brainstorms opens creative channels that redefine results for the team.


For a team coaching session, please contact Alan to set up a free consultation. He will respond to your request as soon as possible.

As an alternative to private coaching, Alan is also available to lead workshops for teams. All presentations can be customized for your needs.

Alan is also available for conferences and sales meetings as a guest or keynote speaker. He can speak on a variety of topics related to connection and team-building.

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