Individual/Personal Coaching

Coaches help individuals tap into personal dreams and desires –and help guide them towards a constructive, open, and honest  plan. Personal coaching is based in part on principles from sports, business, spiritual, psychological, and organizational development. A coach can help an individual to unravel and understand dreams and desires and set larger, more rewarding goals. Alan Cohen offers executives an opportunity to:

CONNECT at regular meetings with trained facilitator/coach to explore personal desires and raise consciousness, and to identify new possibilities for your life and career.

CHALLENGE the individual to a personal journey. Are you willing to grow? Are you able to look at things that are not working in order to find new and improved solutions?  Together, we will examine the space between where you are now–and where you want to be.

CREATE a transformation by engaging an individual in an ongoing dialogue about his or her work and life.

Please contact Alan to set up a consultation. He will respond to your request as soon as possible.