Executive Coaching

As leaders look to improve their effectiveness, they must give special attention to setting employee goals and working to create rising stars within their organizations. Executive coaching is a service designed to aid leaders at all levels within a company to deliver the results they need. Alan Samuel Cohen offers executives an opportunity to:


CONNECT at regular meetings with trained facilitator/coach that will  empower leaders to produce positive change and get the results they need to make their companies grow and profit personally and financially.

CHALLENGE leadership skills and examine roadblocks to potential success, stretch goals and expectation, and offer ways for executives to smartly deal with a variety of situations with renewed skill and success.

CREATE new opportunities for communication and work effectiveness–and encourage executives to see the enormous potential for their organization.

To discuss working together, please contact Alan to set up a consultation. He will respond to your request as soon as possible.

As an alternative to private coaching, Alan is also available to lead workshops for executives and leaders at your company. All presentations can be customized for your executive needs.

Alan is also available for conferences and sales meetings as a guest or keynote speaker. He can speak on a variety of topics related to connection and other business topics.